Privacy Notice for Candidates    

Last updated: August 6, 2023

We, XJet Ltd., (“XJET”, “we” or “us”) have prepared this privacy notice (“Notice”) for candidates in the process of applying for a job in our company.

In connection with your job application and considering you as a candidate, we have to process certain Personal Data (as defined below).

The purpose of this Notice is to provide you with information regarding the Personal Data we collect, process, and use about you.

Personal Data” means information that relates, alone or together with other data, to a uniquely identify or identifiable individual, as set for in applicable privacy laws.

You are not legally obligated to provide us with Personal Data, and you hereby confirm that providing us with Personal Data is of your own free will and consent. By submitting your application, you consent to the terms of this Privacy Notice and to our collection, processing, and sharing of Personal Data for the purposes set forth herein. If you do not agree to this Privacy Notice, please do not apply for the relevant position. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change this Privacy Notice at any time. Such change will be effective ten (10) days following the posting of the revised Privacy Notice on the Site.

In addition, you will see a number of references to the “XJET Group”, which includes all other XJET entities globally.

  1. What Personal Data do we collect and process?

We process the following information and Personal Data about you, including, without limitation, contact information, address, Curriculum Vitae (resume) information (such as, skills, work experience, education), URL of your LinkedIn and other online profiles and websites, files that you submit (such as work samples or assignments), the position for which you are considered, the source who submitted your candidacy (e.g., recruiting agency, referral), information from references, your responses to questionnaires sent to you by us and to interview questions asked during the interview process, information about your candidacy and employment options (such as availability to be hired and salary expectations) , materials you or other parties submitted (such as, evaluators). Collectively “Candidate Data“.

  1. Why does XJET need to collect and process my Candidate Data?
  • To receive, review and reply to your application.
  • To verify the information you or others provide, and to check your references.
  • To assess your suitability for the opportunity you applied for, and in certain cases, for other opportunities at Navina.
  • To facilitate the interview/recruiting process.
  • To prepare an employment contract if your application is successful.
  • To stay in touch and engage with you for opportunities at XJET we may consider you for current and future opportunities.
  1. How XJET share my Candidate Data?

XJET may transfer your Candidate Data to third parties located in any jurisdictions, as follows:

  • Within the XJET Group. As XJET is a part of a wider group of affiliates, we may transfer the Candidate Data to, or otherwise allow access to, other entities within XJET Group, which may use, transfer and process the Candidate Data in accordance with this Notice and applicable law.
  • Service providers and other relevant third parties. As necessary in connection with your candidacy process, communication contact details and other Candidate Data may be transferred to partners, suppliers, vendors and other third parties as appropriate for the particular processing activity. If you were referred to us by a third party (such as recruiting agency, referral) we may inform the referrer about the status of your application. We use the Comeet Platform in the context of your candidacy. You can read Comeet’s privacy policy: https://help.comeet.co/en/articles/5470454-privacy-notice-for-comeet-users

 Regulators, authorities, and other third parties. As necessary for the purposes described above, Personal Data may be transferred to regulators, courts, and other authorities (e.g., tax and law enforcement authorities), independent external advisors (e.g., auditors and legal advisors), directors within the XJET Group, insurance carriers, benefits providers, internal compliance, and investigation teams (including external advisers appointed to conduct internal investigations). We will share your Candidate Data with third parties where required by law, where it is necessary to administer the potential working relationship with you, or where we have another legitimate interest in doing so.

  • Acquiring entities. We may share your Candidate Data with other third parties. For example, in the context of the possible sale, restructuring, or transfer, of some or all the business, shares, or assets to a third party, we will disclose your Candidate Data to such third party (whether actual or potential) in connection with the foregoing events.
  • Professional advisors. We may share Candidate Data with our professional advisors such as lawyers and accountants, where doing so is necessary to facilitate the services they render to us.

Some of the recipients with whom we may share Candidate Data, as described above, may be located in countries outside of your jurisdiction (including, EU and the US). In such cases, we use commercially reasonable efforts to make sure that the recipients of the Candidate Data undertake to take sufficient measures to ensure the privacy of your Candidate Data.

  1. Security

We implement industry-standard measures to reduce the risks of damage, loss, unauthorized access, or use, of your Personal Data. However, these measures do not provide absolute information security.

  1. What rights do I have in respect of my Candidate Data?

Depending on your location, you may have a number of rights in relation to your Candidate Data. Such rights can be summarized in broad terms as follows (for more details contact us):

  • Right of access. You may have the right to request access to your Candidate Data processed and/or stored about you. If you want to submit this request, please do it in writing to Policy@xjet3d.com. We do have to take into account the interests of others though, so this is not an absolute right.
  • Right to rectification and erasure. You may have the right to rectify and/or request to erase inaccurate, outdated, or incomplete Candidate Data concerning you. If you want to submit this request, please do it in writing to Policy@xjet3d.com. Please note that in some circumstances, we may not be able to delete or erase your Candidate Data (partially or totally).
  1. Who can I contact about this?

If you have concerns or questions regarding this Notice or if you would like to exercise your rights, you can send an email to Private.Policy@xjet3d.com.

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