XJet’s technology is redefining the metal additive manufacturing arena by bringing new levels of detail to the production of metal parts. XJet’s patented NanoParticle Jetting™   technology makes use of solid metal nanoparticles within a liquid suspension. Delivered as sealed cartridges, these materials, as well as the support materials, are loaded easily by hand into the XJet system, eliminating the need to handle metal powders.

XJet’s system print heads deposit an ultra-fine layer of liquid droplets which contain stochastic metal-nanoparticles onto the system build-tray. The required support is generated automatically by the system. Inside the system’s build envelope extremely high temperatures cause the liquid ‘jacket’ around the metal nanoparticles to evaporate. This results in strong binding of the metal with virtually the same metallurgy as traditionally-made metal parts.
In addition, the metal part needs to undergo an easy sintering process, with the supports removed simply and with almost no manual intervention.

Red flash Technology

Unparalleled Solution

XJet’s NanoParticle Jetting™   technology produces high quality metal parts. Metal parts created with XJet’s technology feature unprecedented levels of details, surface finish and accuracy, with no compromise on speed or build-time.

Key Features


Nanoparticles: Outstanding Details

The nanoparticles used and the ultra-thin layers result in super fine details, smooth surface finish, thin walls and high accuracy.

Quality Metallurgy

Stochastic Shapes and Sizes: Quality Metallurgy

Stochastic or random metal nanoparticles are jetted with dissimilarities in sizes and shapes into the matrix. This produces properly dense parts with no porous attributes, resulting in superior quality metal.

Design Freedom

Unprecedented Support Concept: Design Freedom

Virtually no geometric limitations exist in NanoParticle Jetting. With no restrictions of support material planning and removal, designers can focus on the product “functionality” instead of its “manufacturability”.

Ink-Jet Based Technology

Ink-Jet Based Technology: Simplicity and Safety

Using inkjet-based technology eliminates the need for hazardous powders in a solid state. This results in a more user-friendly system while providing the highest levels of safety.

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